Business Administration | Information Management Internship: Operational Project Portfolio Dashboard in Veldhoven

Business Administration | Information Management Internship: Operational Project Portfolio Dashboard


Within Customer Supply Chain Management (CSCM) we ensure successful delivery of all logistic requirements for all upgrade, installation and relocations events in the region. Contribute to the logistic project team to ensure that the (thousands of) high-tech parts are delivered on-time, on-spec and at the right quality at the customer site. Meet the delivery requirements that have been agreed with the customers and ASMLs engineering team. In between upgrade, installation and relocations events initiate and drive continuous improvement to optimize logistical costs. To further mature our processes, several projects (> 100) are running to meet the deliverables of our strategic roadmap. Project Portfolio Management should ensure the projects are prioritized according the needs of this roadmap.

Job Description

You will research organizational needs to mature Project Portfolio Management and transfer these in an operational dashboard. The internship should result into an Operational Project Portfolio dashboard which is able to;
• Analyze and make prognosis proposals, including risk analysis for investment and / or use of capacity for projects in the portfolio, appropriate to the medium-term business goals;
• Align with other change portfolios in the CS/SCM organization;
• Make a preparation of quarterly and / or annual reports for managing the portfolio as input to decision making for the relevant budget and / or management committee;
• Determine the impact of project proposals for investment and / or development projects and advise the relevant decision-making body on the feasibility and probability of success;
• Continuously evaluate running projects within the portfolio in relation to the agreed information plans, business architecture of the various CSCM departments, business priorities and risks.


• You are a final year Bachelor or Master student with a study background in Business administration, information management or related.
• Good self-discipline and communication skills are required.
• You must be fluent in English and preferably Dutch.
• Extensive Microsoft Office proficiency – specifically Excel and SharePoint.

This is a graduation internship for 1-2 days a week with a duration of 3 months. Start date is as soon as possible.

Please note that we can only consider students who are enrolled at a school for the entire duration of the internship. 

Other information

WhatASML offers
Your internship will be in one of the leading Dutch corporations, gainingvaluable experience in a highly dynamic environment. You will receive a monthlyinternship allowance based on your educational level and number of days perweek, plus a possible housing or travel allowance. More information on theallowances can be found on our website. In addition you will get expert,practical guidance and the chance to work in and experience a dynamic,innovative team environment.

ASML: Be part ofprogress

We make machines that make chips – the hearts of the devices that keep usinformed, entertained and safe; that improve our quality of life and help totackle the world’s toughest problems.

We build some of the most amazing machines that you will ever see, and theapplications to run them. Never satisfied, we measure our performance in unitsthat begin with pico or nano.

We believe we can always do better. We believe the winning idea can come fromanyone. We love what we do – not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. AtASML we are always pushing technology further.

Students: Getting readyfor the real-world
Teamwork is key within ASML. Our R&D team is more than 5,500 people strongand worldwide we form one big team with over 25,000 employees. These colleagueshave 123 different nationalities and work at our major sites on threecontinents.

Dozens of diverse, interdisciplinary teams work in parallel to meet achallenging development schedule. In this inspiring environment, yourcolleagues may be sitting next door, or they could be thousands of kilometersaway in a different country, or even working for a different company.

An internship at ASML is your opportunity to get to know this world and get afeel for that excites you most. Use your education, gain real-life workingexperience and explore the world of high-tech – all at the same time.

How will you be part ofprogress?

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