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Brand Marketing Stage in de Caribbean - St. Maarten in Sint Maarten

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Ben jij toe aan een dosis Vitamine Sea? Elke dag zon en zee, maar daarnaast ook een leerzame stage uitvoeren? Meld je dan aan! Voor een bedrijf op St. Maarten zijn wij op zoek naar een commerciële Economics of International Business & Management stagiaire (of student met soortgelijke onderwijs).


The internship will focus mainly on brand marketing.

  1. Plan, develop and direct marketing plans for a specific brand or group of brands;
  2. Develop strategic initiatives and implement every detail of the plan or campaign;
  3. Track consumer and market insights and adjust the strategy of the brand accordingly;
  4. Plan samplings and / or demos to launch and / or develop products;
  5. Prepare the market before a supplier visits, this means making sure that the merchandising, promos, shelve space, prices and pop materials are in place as well as to prepare a (PowerPoint) presentation for the visit.

Under mentioned tasks are also possible:

  1. Organizing, strategizing and implementing marketing and public relation strategies. Marketing of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media is also required.
  2. implementing a marketing strategy
  3. determine strategy to motivate staff
  4. organizing daily / weekly events
  5. come with new fresh ideas (events etc.) to create a niche market
  6. trend reporting
  7. try determine business productivity and lower operating costs
  8. taking initiative and developing programs / events for the company

Research assignments are possible:

  1. competitor marketing / ananysis
  2. designing marketing strategy
  3. market research

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Sint Maarten
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